3 Benefits Provided by an Influencer Marketing Service

The popularity of social media has spawned a new type of advertising. Millions of social media users known as influencers share their opinions about products and services, which impacts the buying habits of shoppers. The effect has been so powerful that businesses have begun working closely with social media stars, a practice known as influencer marketing. Companies that want to maximize the profit potential from these efforts go a step further and hire an influencer marketing service.

Professionals Offer Targeted Results

While influencer marketing is effective, it can also produce uneven results unless advertisers have a plan. The practice of randomly advertising with influencers is known as a “spray and pray” approach that can be expensive and produce minimal results. Businesses succeed in reaching huge audiences but provide them with generic content. A marketing agency works with a huge community of influencers and can provide targeted content that includes specific brand messages.

Experts Harness the Power of Authentic Stories

Professional marketers also know how to maximize the strength of influencers’ personal points of view. A recent Nielsen advertising report revealed that 92% of customers anywhere in the world trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other advertising. Viewers and readers often consider influencer content more authentic than standard ads and are more likely to act on their messages. Influencers tell memorable, relatable stories. Their information is also more likely to reach buyers than classic ads because many people now use ad blockers.

Clients Can Track Results

Marketing experts can also help clients determine whether advertising efforts are working. As effective as influencers are, it is difficult for most businesses to track returns on investment without help. That is a problem because advertising is only as good as its performance. Marketing specialists solve the problem by including research and reporting in their services. They ensure that clients know who is seeing their content and what they are doing with the information.

Many businesses now use influencer marketing to boost sales and often fine tune results with the help of marketing specialists. These professionals help clients ensure targeted results and take full advantage of the personal angle offered by influencers. Marketing experts also provide clients with easily accessible performance data.